Custom Binders

Custom turned edge binder
Custom turned edge binders
Custom turned edge binder
Custom turned edge binders
Turned-Edge:  Custom turned-edged binders are an eye-popping way to market your product or service.  The spines can be arch back to give it a unique look.  These custom binders can be litho-wrapped and printed 4 color process with matte or gloss film lamination for durability.  Or they can be silk screened or stamped on cloth or imitation leather.

Custom vinyl binder
Custom vinyl binders

Vinyl Binders:  Custom vinyl binders can be 4 color silk screened or 4 color process offset, stamped, debossed and screened to register, appliqué, reverse appliqué.  These binders are especially appropriate for sales meetings, training seminars and mass mailings to clients or prospects.  We have a large variety of vinyl colors and decorations to choose from.

Poly Binders:  Custom poly binders are available in a rainbow of colors and various gauges.  They are noted for durability and economy.

Custom poly binders

sewn binders
Custom sewn binders

Sewn Binders:  These add class to the normal, expanded vinyl binder.  We stock a wide variety of vinyl colors which can be decorated to your requirements.
Film-Laminated Binders:  These present endless printing possibilities to create an attractive presentation.

film laminated binders
Film-laminated binders

Clear Overlay Binders:  A stock item for fast, inexpensive presentations.  We stock all capacities.

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